ISDN StudioBeen an interesting couple of months. For someone who has been in this business a long time (first agent in 1978), I was pleased to be picked up by an agent in LA (Voices Talent) after many years of not having one there. And I have been getting some great auditions from them.

And then another voice talent I know from one of our industry conferences referred me to an agent on the other side of the country in the DC area (Impressive Talent). I started getting more great auditions – different great auditions.

This is an important point, because I do have representation across the country and some subscribe to the same sources for auditions, so there are times when I get the same audition from multiple agents. This happens a lot to a lot of us with the better talent agencies across the country.

So, I was pleasantly surprised to get a national commercial audition from just one agent (although I heard through the grapevine that this audition had been posted to Voice123 – just a rumor). A rush audition. And I booked it. We recorded this morning using ISDN connecting my San Diego studio to the New York Creative Agency.

The audition to booking ratio is always many many more auditions than jobs, but it really is part of our job – to audition. The majority of my work is repeat business, referrals and direct contact/work from my website – but I audition every day for at least one or more of my agents. And apparently I am still booking after all these years.