My old Prima 120

Earlier this year before all hell broke loose, I was looking at my work flow and realized that my ISDN unit had been standing idle for several months. The preferred live connection was trending toward Source-Connect and only one lone client was using ISDN – and that client? Not very often.

The monthly cost here in Southern CA was still pretty reasonable – about $60 a month – a far cry from the $600 or more per month in some places. But, when the only client using the unit was also one of my lower paying clients, it just didn’t pencil out.

So, I did it. I pulled the plug and retired my Musicam Prima 120 workhorse. As one of the first voiceover talent in the country to have a personal studio with ISDN I paid for the unit many times over since the late 90’s. It was used when I got it – about $4000 at the time – but served me well with no issues in 20 years. And the customer service/help folks at Musicam were the best.

At one point, the fan started to squeal and I wondered if I would have to figure out how to replace it, but after a week of on and off, it suddenly stopped and never made that sound again.

I haven’t missed it. Well, what I’ve missed is being able to say I have it! Whether or not people are using it. I had to update my website and take down my SPIDS. I have been slowly updating other websites where my profile sits. Some screen names are now not accurate. My business cards will need to be changed.

Wait, when was the last time I handed out a business card?