MCA-I logoMany years ago when ITVA changed their name to MCA-I – people just didn’t know what to do. The new name was hard to say for one thing. And the change happened at a time when technology was evolving and the business climate was changing. It created sort of a perfect storm that sent the association into turmoil. Something not unique to MCA-I – many associations have been feeling the effects.

While MCA-I is still alive (, and remains strong in scattered chapters around the US, it is in regrowth mode.

The name MCA-I is still a mouthful to this day. Back then we tried to find a way to make it easier to say – so a few of us dubbed ourselves the “McEye” Tribe. That was the phonetic pronunciation. While it never really caught on, it worked on several levels at the time because our logo included a big eyeball.

Last night’s MCA-I meeting in San Diego was a perfect reflection of a tribe – a collection of people with similar interests/concerns gathering face-to-face for development and friendship. This usually includes lots of laughs.

There were long time members there. New members. Guests. Vendors, Presenters.

New San Diego Chapter President, Tom Kihneman presented the schedule of meetings for the rest of the year and into 2017. A great lineup of meetings that includes an annual member showcase with work projected on the big screen. Check their website for the list –

We heard from Mark Maisonneuve – a San Diego MCA-I MediaPros Board member – about some media production news we could use. He is always entertaining as well as informative.

Then a couple of production horror stories from Mike Towe and Michael Brueggemeyer. Amusing and cautionary tales. This has become a tradition in the chapter.

A local sponsor (Voice & Video) briefly showed off a few new toys. And they thanked other returning local sponsor (Video Gear).

Our presenters last night covered working with kids and animals. New information from experienced professionals. Again, some real world stories that helped explain the whys and what fors.

The meeting was capped with a delightfully nutty door prize drawing for silly prizes – but also with a point. How would you use clothes pins or a turkey baster or a package of bendy straws in your production?

Seriously – if you are in the Video/Multimedia Production business, you need to find your tribe.

Join MCA-I in your area. No chapter in your area? Then get together with 9 other pros and start or rekindle a chapter. Just contact the Executive Director and make it happen!