FacebookPage_videoJust ran across an article discussing how to use Facebook as another area of distribution and why you should consider it. Apparently YouTube is still the king, but Facebook is gaining ground.

The folks at ReelSEO make the case for advertisers to use multiple sources with YouTube first and Facebook second. What strikes me is how complicated it is for advertisers to find any common way of analyzing the results. The technology is changing so fast that each new iteration brings new tracking metrics and ways of paying for your ads – clicks, time spent watching, what constitutes a view so that you know what you are going to be charged, etc. This article has links to explanations of current methods.

But the bulk of the article is on how to maximize the effectiveness of your video ads for Facebook.

Their first 5 suggestions are about production basics. A couple will probably make the old-time traditional video person cringe, but the times they are a changing!  Read the article for the details on each.

  1. Keep it short (sort of no-brainer)
  2. Shoot it with your iPhone (hey, if they can shoot a whole movie on an iPhone…)
  3. Shoot it in vertical format! (Well, they suggest trying it both ways and see what works best.)
  4. Get the hook in early (another no-brainer.)
  5. Edit until it is “perfect” (this point is a little confusing to me, but perhaps they are not talking to video producers – but non-pros who don’t know how to tell a story and have the production tools to edit?)

And then after these quick production tips, the article goes on with some specifics on Facebook marketing with video.

Better read it and take action soon, because the way things are changing, the suggestions may not be relevant by next year…month?…week?.