OK, so it was a short week, but it came in with a bang and kept on going.

Some nice gigs with regular clients – even a couple through my local agent. Lots of auditions – through Voice123 (quite a flurry there), and various agents and other places I’m listed across the country. A direct contact through Voice123. An ISDN session scheduled for Monday with no audition – sweet!

And there was the fleeting potential of a gig with a new client who found me on the net. He was looking for a backstage live announcer for a large corporate meeting coming up in January of 2010. Love those jobs. Nothing like live to keep your brain active and your energy up. Three days – in town. Cool.

But, wait – the end of January? Hmm, I have been booked the past three years at the end of January on ANOTHER backstage live announce job. Was this the same company? Nope. So, I talked to my agent who has been handling the negotiations with the other company over the years and she went to work to find out 1) if their regular meeting was scheduled for the same three days and 2) if they were planning to hire me to be there.

There is good news and – well, I guess – good news! The regular client did in fact want to book me for their conference and my agent will (I am sure) be able to find someone to take my place for the new client.