So, I started (or rather restarted) playing a Facebook game a few weeks ago. And the biggest thing I have noticed (besides the much improved speed of computers and Internet connections these days) is the in-app advertising. Because this particular app is tied to your Facebook login, it seems to know what you are thinking and targets ads pretty specifically.

If you want more energy or some extra money – you can sit through an ad or two or three. Now, I play the game with the sound turned off, so I am only seeing the ad, but I get the point and find that I DO occasionally click for more information.

In-app video ad spending has increased dramatically in the past year. According to an article in MediaPost –  “the ad format saw more than 200% growth from the fourth quarter 2017 to the fourth quarter 2018.”

“Save the World” is the name of the game in case you are interested. It’s great for memory and eye/finger coordination. And because of the way the game works, it does sort of self-regulate when you run out of energy – well, except for the ads you can watch to get more… ;-)