I am a bad homeowner. About 10 years ago, I had a major remodel done that included replacing all of my windows with new wood dual pane windows. Of course I was told that wood windows needed to be maintained. A coat of paint every few years was part of my responsibility as the homeowner.

Bad WindowDid I do it? No, so the result is going to about $1000 worth of repair and then new paint everywhere – which I will probably hire out because the idea of painting 14 windows and all the trim around the top of front of the house seems like a daunting time suck – plus I don’t have a ladder tall enough to get up to the roof line.

The list of things to do around the house after living here nearly 30 years is starting to get long. First on the list is tenting for termites. The heat treatment I tried on the deck cover just didn’t work and there is evidence of termites in other places, so that is first on deck for the checkbook. After that, the windows, then the stucco.

Inside there is some work to be done too. Lots of little handyman things. Although, if I win the Publishers Clearinghouse sweepstakes, then the rest of the hardwood floors will be redone and the inside of the house repainted.

If you take a quick tour of the house, you would think that everything is great. But look at it with the studied eye of a real estate broker and you can hear the property value dropping. (Not that I am selling anytime soon!)

The same thing can be said for my VO business. Despite the fact that I am a successful working voice talent, my VO house is not quite in order. For example, my website is in dire need of an update. Last year I tried to hire a popular website company to upgrade the site and they were simply too busy to even put me on the schedule for months down the road.

So, the website got shoved to the bottom of the pile of things to do. Much like I walked past the windows in my driveway day after day and sort of shoved the site into the back crevices of my brain.

But it is time to stop procrastinating. Put the sticky note that says WEBSITE in block letters in the upper right corner of my monitor, and make a promise to myself not to ignore it like the windows…

Maybe that busy website company isn’t so busy this year.