Going to FaffCon in Hershey PA next weekend? Going to be there on Friday, Sept. 23rd?

If so, please stop by the FaffCon To Do list and sign up to help with the Big Board – the Agenda Wall. We need a few more folks to get the tape on the wall. This is a fun, easy and short-term task that will not interfere in any of the other fun that will be happening that weekend.



There are other tasks on the list and I am sure there is something that would be perfect for you!

Have organizational skills when it comes to sorting things? Then we need you to help unpack the boxes.

Like to meet new people and generally be nice? Then we need you at the registration table!

Going to be around Sunday evening? Then we need some help taking down the Agenda Wall and making sure all the session cards are collected and saved for transcription.

You get the idea – little tasks that will get you involved, but won’t suck your time too much. Would dream of doing that!

So, get on over to the FaffCon website and click one or more of the I’ll Do It links!