I sure hope the gas line installation is going along on schedule and that the construction crews will be done soon (relative term). Right now the steady drone of a power generator is preventing any recording from taking place. I was able to sneak in a couple of auditions this morning. And one very short prompt for a regular customer who had forgotten to include it with his usual weekly order. My agent called with a re-work on a project from June that needs to be recorded tomorrow AM, so I am hoping to get a jump on it early and be finished before they even start work.

The good news is that ┬áthis “down” time is not really down time. Simply an opportunity to do some other things! I do have backup recording plan if I should actually need to record something at the same time the crew is working, but so far, I have been able to schedule sessions around the noise. And they don’t work at night! (Although the day we had the power outage, they stayed until dark because they knew that they would be facing the terrible traffic.)

So, while the concrete cutters and trench diggers do their thing, I will clean out my In Box – making sure my Contacts are up to date. I will contact some past clients to say hello. I will sort through the pile of papers that accumulate on the side of my desk. I will review class assignments and do a little lesson planning. I will pick figs and trim branches. I will cook something interesting. I will take my mom shopping for stylish clothes for her new assisted living community. I will volunteer at the local “soup” kitchen.

The bad news? Well, after the gas company is done, the water department comes through the same alley to replace the sewer pipes.