OK, I auditioned for what could be a large national campaign and got past the first cut. Not sure what the next cut entails – further auditioning or just simply being passed by another set of ears, but I was quite stoked to know I didn’t suck. ;-) Actually, I initially felt really good about the audition, so getting this feedback helped reinforce my self-evaluation abilities.

How cool is that!

No matter what happens with this particular audition (Audition and forget. Audition and forget. Audition and forget), it reinforces why I am stepping up my marketing, working on new demos, remaking the website, getting some additional coaching and making the big push to land a top agent in a top market. It’s because when I do get a chance to audition with the cream of the crop, I compete.

I’ve had a chance recently to work with some established national talent, picked from the avalance of really great auditions. So I know the time I spend auditioning is gold! Always something to challenge my creativity. Usually something to force me to step it up a notch. And with the variety of sources for auditions that we have these days, we can be picky and submit when we truly know that this is something “right” for us.

But to really maximize my effort in selecting and producing great auditions, it would be nice to have more great opportunities.