It is interesting to see how work evolves and how people hear you. When I started in the business, I did primarily corporate narration and straight commercials with a lot of “sell.” Now, in the past few years, a large percentage of my work has turned to more role playing than straight narration.

eLearning characters make up a big part of that – being cast in multiple roles within programs – ranging from some nebulous African accent, to redneck homophobe, to tough Boss Lady. I have had more than one casting as Tough Boss Lady – working on one right now which sort of prompted this post. But I have also been cast as “soft young Asian woman learning to speak her mind at work.” So I while I do a good tough boss lady, please don’t pigeon-hole me there.

A lot of my radio and TV spot work has also been as a real person, rather than an announcer. With several dialogue radio spots for regional clients such as Meijer and SouthernLINC. And more as the concerned mother (young and old).

Probably the most fun has been the multitude of little old ladies, moms, teachers, secretaries, little boys, animals and inanimate objects for Ring Tales collection of animated cartoon strips (New Yorker, Dilbert and Cul De Sac).

The delightful irony of this transition is that it bleeds back over into my annoucing and narration work, allowing me to bring more me to the session.