OK, so a few months before FaffCon 4 in Ventura, the post card I filled out in Hershey arrived in the post. It was a complete surprise and I was a bit anxious when I flipped it over. For there on the other side was the list of things I wanted to do – without fail! I’m pretty sure I blogged about this unexpected stress the last time the card came. Well, not really stress stress – hyperbole – sorry.

I’m still not up to a passing grade yet, if you simply are checking off the 5 items on the list. I’m not nearly as upset with myself that I haven’t finished the items from FaffCon 3 as I was over not finishing the list of items from FaffCon 2. If Ventura was your first venture into FaffCon, you will soon understand what I am talking about.

The items on the list are still relevant and I would say item 1 out of 5 is complete, or nearly complete and when that is done, item 3 will be done as well. And items 4 and 5 have shown some pretty good progress. One involves investing some dollars and while I have the dollars to spend, the economy and the trends in our business make me a bit more reluctant to spend money…unless, of course, I can see a clear return. So item 2 is in limbo for the time being.

Yes, I am being a bit cryptic, because it is my list! And if this was an Intranet of just FaffCon’rs, I would be a bit more forthright about them, but since all of these nuggets or ideas were born at FaffCon 3, I’ll keep it in the family.

A lot of other priorities popped up immediately after getting back from Ventura. And I hope to be pleasantly surprised this time when my card from FaffCon 4 arrives with it’s call to come to Charlotte NC in October (12-14, 2012) for FaffCon 5.

There must be some things on there that I have started or finished. Trouble is, right now, I couldn’t tell you even one item on that list.