It is hard to get any work done these days because you follow links which lead to more links and suddenly you have forgotten what you went online to do in the first place, but it is almost always an interesting distraction. Sometimes pure silliness, sometimes thought provoking, sometimes good for business. I’m always looking for interesting tidbits that will help the bottom line.

One of the mantras of video has been “Content is King.” With the emergence and tsunami of online video, it may be that the context will be driving the dollars.

Today, I was reading a post from MediaPost and it led me to an article called “Context is King: How Videos are Found and Consumed Online” packed with information from a November 2006 study by Bear Stearns Cable and Satellite analyst Spencer Wang called “Why Aggregation & Context and Not (Necessarily) Content are King in Entertainment”.

The author of this article,  Ashkan Karbasfrooshan includes some great facts, charts and graphs to help illustrate the switch to context over content as a primary search function.

When I was born more than 30% of American households watched NBC during prime time. Check the article for all the attributions. You really could “reach everyone” if you bought ads on the major networks, but today, NBC’s prime time reach is 5% – behind CBS and ABC. None of the other networks are doing any better.

The same thing is happening online! More and more fragmentation. And more and more we are online on our phones or tablets or laptops.

So how to you reach everyone? Can you reach everyone? Can we effectively quantify the people we are reaching so that we can try to stabilize the money part of this equation?

I don’t know the answers, that’s why I spend time following links to other links. My goal is to keep providing my voice for media where ever it ends up and hoping to continue to pay my mortgage without having to take a second job at a fast food joint. So far, so good!