Last weekend was another example of the power of Amy Snively’s (rhymes with lively) brainstorm. FaffCon 3 in Hershey PA (it was actually in Harrisburg, but the graphic possibilities were far better with Hershey) was a complete success.

One of the great things about FaffCon is that it is a gift that keeps on giving. It is coming up on a week now since FaffCon 3 and while I have been busy with “life,” my thoughts keep drifting to FaffCon and the information exchanged. I have been using little tidbits all week. And I haven’t even begun to go through my notes!

The welcoming dinner and FaffJam on Friday night was wonderful.  Voiceover folks are pretty darned talented in so many ways! And I have to say that the 14 oz. slab of prime rib was pretty terrific too. And after an afternoon of heavy rain, we were able to walk down and back from the restaurant, or ride in the pedi-cabs.

FaffCon Friday Night at Firehouse - FaffJam!

The official start of FaffCon was Saturday. A day filled with friends (old and new), great food (thanks to our great sponsors) and meaningful exchanges between working professionals. More fun that evening – with a couple of hours of conversation at a high-top table on a side street outside the bar/restaurant – and then back to the hotel to catch the last of the Karaoke, where once again, the Faffers knocked ’em dead, showing they have what it takes at the mic. Well, except for perhaps my show closing rendition of Talking In Your Sleep.

FaffCon Sunday was a truly amazing day – from early in the morning to very late in the evening. The opening circle was at 8 (!) and after our wild night of Red Stag, conversation and Karaoke – 8 AM was VERY early. The sessions continued to provide great information which was scribbled down in our FaffCon notebooks, or entered into tablets. (Tablets were everywhere by the way.)

The day “officially” ended around 5 as Amy signed a huge check (literally) for nearly $3000 for the Central PA Food Bank – the FaffCon 3 charity. Goodbyes were said and more pictures were taken as some faffers grabbed their bags and headed home, but FaffCon continued on.

About 30 of us crowded a party room in the Italian restaurant around the corner from the hotel and continued the conversations and friendship building. But we weren’t done with FaffCon yet – and late in the evening, after the FaffCon supplies were packed up and ready for shipping, in the true spirit of FaffCon, an impromptu session on audio engineering led by Dan Friedman was forming in the cozy chat area of the meeting floor of the hotel.

Final FaffCon Session on Sunday night

Final FaffCon Session on Sunday night - long after Faffy was boxed up and ready to send to Ventura Beach

Oh, one point about Hershey – it didn’t smell like chocolate as was suggested. Perhaps it was the fact that it was raining. But the weekend was sweet and filling. FaffCon 4 is going to be on the beach in Ventura Beach CA coming up in March of 2012. I can’t wait to see what Amy has up her sleeve for number 4!