Had a yard sale today at my mom’s house in preparation for her move to an Assisted Living Community. She is very excited actually and chatters non-stop about it to anyone who will listen. This is actually good news, of course. Two and a half years ago, this wasn’t even on the radar of options. Frankly, 5 months ago, this wasn’t something that she would consider.

But after a few months of a home share situation – with a house mate who helped her with medication reminders and getting dinners, she learned two things – that she needed help – and that she didn’t like sharing her house. All that strange food in the refrigerator! And just which bar of soap was hers!

So next week we do the final move of the heavy items to her new apartment in La Mesa California, just down the road from wonderful Lake Murray. The dog Max already has new friends at Oakdale Heights – Sparky lives directly across the hall and Ginger a few doors down. Not sure where Cody lives yet. I imagine I will eventually learn their owner’s names, but you know how it is with dog people – we always learn the dog’s names first.

Where was I? Oh, yes…yard sale. So, today I loaded up a market umbrella from my back yard and arrived at my mom’s around 6:30 AM. Hauled out three large bookshelves from the garage and loaded them with books and sheet music. Then put out clothes, Xmas items, glassware, knick knacks, linens, miscellaneous small pieces of furniture and settled in for the morning.

I really didn’t advertise much – just a listing in Craig’s List – and didn’t put up any signs on the street, so it was pretty much drive by’s and walk by’s by neighbors. Not sure what I expected in the way of sales, but we ended up clearing a meager $160. Which, after subtracting what was my stuff and what was mom’s, I think I wasn’t even close to making minimum wage.

But it wasn’t about money – it was about moving forward and getting even more comfortable with the decision. It is a big move for someone as independent as my mom has been her entire life. We had some wonderful chats with the neighbors about the move. Discussed music. Made new friends. Let the dogs do some sniffing.

We’ll be filling up the Cruiser with the small things and taking them out to Oakdale all this coming week, with the big move on Saturday. Then another period of adjustment as she gets settled in – which should time nicely with FaffCon in September.

It’s not always about money. It never has been. But sometimes we simply don’t remember that and push aside the other things in life that bring a nice return.

Here’s to my mom and her decision. May she find that balance she needs between independence and assistance. Now, please forgive me, but I need to run. There is one little job that I really should do yet today.