So, I pull the circulars from the mailbox the other day and there, stuck in between the Vons, Henry’s and Pancho Villa grocery ads and various requests for money was a large flat “chocolate bar.”

My To Do list from FaffCon 2

My postcard to myself from FaffCon 2 in Atlanta had arrived! I had forgotten all about it. Our fearless and extremely brilliant (did I mention funny?) organizer Amy Snively had us write down 5 things we were going to do after our energizing weekend and it would be mailed to us about 3 months after FaffCon.

I was afraid to turn it over to see what I had actually written. So I put it off for a while, taking it to my desk where I prepared myself mentally and emotionally. I feared the worse. That not only had I not done any of the items on my list, but that I would have no idea what they meant!

An hour and a half later after being distracted by YouTube and Wimp links from Facebook, I flipped the card over.

Right off the bat, I had to think about the first item on the list. The cancellation ink was covering some of my messy handwriting, but finally I deciphered it – and shook my head in dismay. The very first thing and I had not done it.

But glancing at the rest of the list, I saw that I was going to get a B for effort (maybe a B minus), because I had done 95% of the rest of the list. The last item was a two-parter.

Of course you are wondering what was on my list – well, that part is sort of a secret. But suffice to say the action items stemmed from my personal “golden nuggets” exposed at FaffCon 2 in Atlanta.

The post card was a great idea! Not only am I re-energized to look at the list again, but I am getting excited about FaffCon 3 in Hershey PA in September. George Washington III just blogged about his experience in Atlanta – relating it to summer camp for adults.

Since we are going to be in Hershey PA – I’ll bet we’ll get S’Mores this time and it will really feel like camp!