The reality of gathering together with many of my real and virtual voiceover peeps this weekend for FaffCon in Portland OR is getting closer and closer. My suitcase is being packed in the back of my mind. My laptop has been prepped for a presentation if called upon and for an audition or two if they happen to fall into my lap.

We have an endless supply of great topics to put on the board to see which floats to the top for discussion. I still need to make note of some website resources for a couple of topics that may end up being tackled. But first I have to button up the home front. Make sure cats and parent are fed and watered.

The trip is more meaningful to me since hearing the news this morning about the passing of one of the VO-BB regulars – Doc Phillips. He was a truly kind and generous man. I am truly sad about this news and suddenly feel the need to see some of the other regulars on the VO-BB – to connect with them on a more physical plane.

We are very connected due in part to our virtual home, the VO-BB and to our first face-to-face meetings at VOICE 2007. FaffCon will do even more to cement those bonds.