One of the best things about VOICE 2010 was finally connecting face-to-face with people who I have know for years in the virtual world. One of those was Tim Underwood from

I have been listed on Tim’s roster of talent for years now and was thrilled to see that he would be speaking at VOICE 2010. His topic was “How to be a Go-To Talent.”

His packet of handouts was very funny and included¬†space to take notes and do some doodling (in case we got bored – which we didn’t of course).

A few of the top things I took away from his session – besides a lovely photo taken after the session with Tim and two other of his “go-to” talent – Charlie Glaize and Amy Taylor):

  • Always have a Can, Do, Will attitude. Skip the excuses!
  • Be ready to say Yes! And then get what you need to serve your client (ftp, more storage space, download the DocX converter, add stealth fans to your computer, get a better mic, etc.)
  • Make sure your signature block has all pertinent information so people don’t have to search
  • Sell the benefits of working with you
  • Don’t make a big deal about problems. For example, don’t mention the helicopter, simply stop for a second and say you need a sip of water. By the time you are done, the helo will be gone.

Thanks for the reminders Tim!