It has been quite a day here in Los Angeles – well, Century City to be exact. A quick brisk walk around the hotel’s perimeter early during the June gloom and then indoors for the rest of the day – and a mixture of glad-handing, comedy, affirmations, introductions, re-introductions and much more. It’s about 10 PM now and I am back in my room trying to catch up on the sleep I missed last night. Hard to do when there are people to talk to at every turn.

The conference has been great so far. Pat Fraley brought his friend Brad Garrett to be part of his opening presentation on Comedy. Wonderful stuff – which I unfortunately – or perhaps fortunately – had to duck out of for a while to respond to a client who needed something recorded this morning.

I was able to snag a spot at 11 AM in the Dave & Dave Whisper Room to do a phone patch session with this┬ápolitical client and managed to get back to the rest of Pat and┬áBrad’s – uh – act (spontaneous impromtu fun) before heading into the booth to convince people to vote for the proposition.

Later in the day, I had a chance to meet a regular client face-to-face who was presenting on what makes a go-to talent. There were three of us in the room who were on his roster of “go-to” talent and he didn’t know we were there until we flashed our badges. Very cool. What a treat to finally meet him.

An hour or so at a hospitality suite and then a wonderful conversation down by the lobby bar and I am back in my room trying to get to sleep a little early. Wait – did I forget to have dinner?