Most of you know what happens the last few hours before you are heading out of town for a long trip. The email comes flooding in with re-dos, new work, emergencies, and other assorted things that need to be handled before you can finish packing.

I’m headed to LA for VOICE 2010 around 2PM today and of course that’s the way my morning started!

  • Biotech client finally sent the changes to a project we did 3 weeks ago. Luckily we can schedule that session for next week.
  • Government agency client wondering if the end client had ever gotten back to me with a pronunciation question – and needed the new files before the end of the week. No, they hadn’t gotten back to me, but we searched YouTube to hear the word said by native speakers and made that fix.
  • Same client found one error in the last set of files I sent that needed to be fixed.
  • ISDN session with audio studio in Washington DC doing 2 national radio spots. Four short lines of dialogue with my imaginary daughter. Well, she was real enough, but not on the call.
  • BlackBerry needed to be synced and the software froze – so time for update – THEN sync.
  • Quick trip to the market with mom
  • Locate my VO-BB tee-shirts!!! (Found one and am going to finish looking for the other.)

The fires are calm for the time being. Check back tomorrow!