There was so much going on the past few days at VOICE 2010, that I didn’t get a chance to blog and will need a day or two to digest what I got out of the sessions I attended and go through the business cards to try to remember who was there.

I did get a chance to update my Facebook page with photos and updates. If you are not on Facebook, this link may not work.!/album.php?aid=244274&id=678849697

I would say the highlight of the socializing part of the event – of which there were many – was hearing Rob Paulsen sing the Nations of the World song in his Yakko voice acappela.

That and seeing June Foray, now 92, up on stage and hearing her slip into Rocket J Squirrel without a beat.

Highlights of the seminars will require a bit more thinking – there were many little bits of information in each session I attended. Many of the sessions were geared to all levels of voiceover folk, so much of the material was not new.

I am looking forward to reading the details of John Florian’s Survey on to see if there were any trends or insight into where the business is going that might help me continue to grow my business.