There are many ways to beat the bushes for new business, but by far the most efficient way is to let someone else do the beating for you!

Just sent an invoice to a new client who was referred to me by another voice talent. And last week I invoiced for a project that was a referral from an audio production studio who has hired me in the past.

What goes around comes around – at least that is what the saying says – and probably every month, I get to refer one of my voiceover friends to one of my clients.

This is not as easy a task as it seems – because each time the question is posed (“Can you recommend any male voice talent?” “Do you know anyone who can do a kid’s voice?” “Bilingual in French and English?”) I have to evaluate the requestor and the kind of work they require and then review my list of go-to guys/gals to see who might fit the bill.

It’s almost a passive effort after you have been in the business a while – these incoming referrals. You don’t ever know when they will happen, but it sure is nice when they do.