Big money is being spent on placing ads with more money being spent online. While TV buy still has the lion’s share, the digital landscape is increasing every year.

This article from has 8 very interesting charts to help you wrap your head around the trends.

The targeted nature of online advertising has VALUE to the advertiser.┬áDon’t short-change the talent who are part of the process creating the content for these ads. Especially if you want to be able to go to that talent down the road. If they don’t earn living wages for their talent, they will not stay in business.

When discussing a fair rate, always consider eyeballs and shelf-life. How long will this ad run? Where will this ad be seen? Be realistic about it. There is a big difference in a fair rate between a spot with a limited one-weekend only sale in a small local market on cable TV and a generic anthem ad that could run for a couple of years on all media.

If you want some information on what fair rates should be, consider these sources:

The talent is part of the creative team and wants to be there for you, so please don’t ask for unlimited use on all platforms throughout the known universe – without due compensation.