Yikes! Had a session today – cast off my demo – where the client was ultimately not happy with the read. This has not happened for many many years – I’d say 25. At least where I knew about it anyway. There are those clients who pop in for one session and then you never hear from them again. With a large stable of regular clients and referrals, you just never really think about the possibility that someone didn’t really get what they wanted – until someone tells you.

It was a spot for a retail store – that included a list of prices and items – that needed an unpolished conversational read. After lots of direction – which can be helpful (or not) and some line reads – which can be helpful (or not)¬†– I got the feeling – from these very nice guys – that we were on the right track. As it turns out, they were being nice…apparently it never got conversational enough and they will not be using the track.

I will be agonizing over this for a while – and hoping that it doesn’t affect my relationship with the intermediary where my demos are posted. I’ve already been assured by them that everything is fine, but it does¬†remind me of the importance of continued training, practice and experimentation with the words on the page. The next time a VO workout is scheduled – I’ll be there – and I’ll be bringing this piece of copy with me!