We’ve been having a heat wave here in San Diego. And most of us in older homes do not have central AC. I do have a tiny old airconditioner that I had someone build into the wall of my studio during the initial rennovation. It manages to cool things down a bit. But of course when it is on, it is impossible to record anything….projects or auditions.

It is also difficult to get to – I have to climb on the counter to reach the knob – which leaves bruises on my upper shins. So I’ve been so reluctant to climb up there that I’ve been letting the projects and auditions pile up a bit – then scrambling up to turn it off.

Amazing how fast the temperature rises! So, during this heat wave, I am wearing natural fibers – as little of them as I can get away with – no makeup – and taking lots of cool showers. I’m revaluating the idea of holding off until I get a bunch of things to record and change the process to – chill it down – turn it off – record a bit – turn it on – edit – and repeat.

This will simply require finding an easier way to get to the AC knob. There’s a perfect step-stool in my closet. If I snag it from there, it just means I won’t be able to reach some of my clothes during this heat wave. Bah – who needs clothes.