Easing into Retirement?

Retirement sign“Should I stay or should I go?” Is retirement in the cards?

Well, for the time being, I am staying. I have lots of regular clients who I love working for and will continue to do so until I find that my voice just isn’t the same. Referrals are always great. And love hearing or seeing producers from past projects (some from many years ago).

What I am finding as I contemplate “retirement”, is that it is a lot easier to pass on auditions. Used to be I would do anything that came across my eyeballs. Different ages, characters, accents – I’d push myself to find a voice that would “work.”

But today’s castings are evolving into being much more targeted with an emphasis on being real and true – age, ethnicity, heritage.

Sometimes it is an easy call – when I see the specs […]

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Art and Humanity Wins with New Documentary

Documentary narration is a wonderful thing. I had the opportunity to voice this lovely new program on the amazing person and artist James Hubbell. Titled “James Hubbell: Between Heaven and Earth” – it was aired on KBPS in November of 2019. It is making the festival circuit right now. This is the first couple of minutes.

Here is a link to the entire show – https://www.pbs.org/video/james-hubbell-between-heaven-and-earth-rpgtfk/

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Tracking your video ads? Here’re some new tools…

Do you have a marketing driven workflow? This MediaPost article points out a couple of new tools that will help you track views and for how long – and what actions they took. Kind of like what you get if you manage a page on Facebook – but all in one place. They also offer a video workflow, publishing and storage systems. I’m sure there is a cost for this, but if you need it and it works, then we are willing to pay for it!

This video is from the Wipster website talking about their Pulse Tool.

PS. If you are not subscribed to some of the MediaPost newsletters, check ’em out!

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