So, back in June, I was Rose in Neil Simon’s last play “Rose and Walsh.” First time on stage since COVID shut down production in March of 2020 and left 3 weeks of “The Hollow” unfinished.

After 3 years, and 2 bouts of COVID could I still remember lines – a LOT of lines? That was the big question. Apparently I could. What a thrill to be the lead in such a fun play with such wonderful actors. Lee Price played Walsh, Ruth Russell was Arlene and Raymond Evans was Gavin. Our director, Jerry Pilato knew me from “Dixie Swim Club” (now named something else due to the word Dixie in the title) and asked me to audition. I was up against a slew of good comedy actresses and my producer hat was there during auditions trying to see who might match up with the rest of the people auditioning for the role of Walsh. The work started the second Jerry announced the cast and for two months, I spent many hours with the script.

The icing on the cake is that I won an Aubrey for Best Lead in a Comedy! This the our San Diego Community Theater Awards – ACT. After several nominations for Best Actress in a Comedy over the years and never garnering the Aubrey, this year the category was combined (no separate men/women categories anymore), so I suppose it is even a harder award to get!

In any event, the success of that play propelled me onto the next project…”Deathtrap” at Lamplighters Theater in La Mesa – where I play Helga ten Dorp, the Dutch psychic. A much smaller part than Rose, but there are no SMALL parts! Look for the show to open October 13. If you are in San Diego, come on out and see the show. Here is a link – Deathtrap tickets