Years ago I was one of the narrators the original animated version of the book “Who Moved My Cheese,” with the two charming mice (Sniff and Scurry) and two littlepeople (Hem and Haw). From the names you get it already. Cheese is what makes us happy and successful. Here is a link to that video.

Let’s say that you have been living life with an abundance of cheese – or enough that you don’t feel unhappy. You are able to pay your bills and afford expensive cheese once in a while.

What happens when that cheese disappears? The usual places where you have been finding cheese have moved and suddenly, not only can’t you find expensive cheese, you are finding a hard time finding ANY cheese. One of my voiceover friends recently posted about this very subject. He has some very specific ideas on where to look for cheese in these changing times. Thank you J. Michael Collins for this article – “The Cheese has Moved: Why you are booking less (if you are booking less.)

I particularly like the first point he makes. “The industry has enough 35-65 year-old white people with tons of talent. Male and female.” If you fall into this category and are just trying to break into the biz, you are going to have a hard row to hoe – no matter how talented you are! For years I told my beginning voiceover students that the unusual voices, the pure storytellers – rather than the rich clean voices – were the ones that were catching the producers’ ears. And this is even more true today. Nearly every audition I see is calling for diversity, real, non-actors, NO ANNOUNCERS, nothing selly…and the list goes on.

But it is more than just the kind of voice you have. The places we find work has moved too.

So read through J. Michael’s list and see if you can adjust your personal plan so that you can find that elusive and expensive cheese.