FaffCon 8 Family

Zoom in for a peek at about 120 of my closest voiceover friends at a wild and wonderful voiceover conference called FaffCon – this was FaffCon 8 (out of 10) held just outside of Minneapolis.

After regular strictly organized voiceover conferences started to feel top heavy in trying to sell newbies on coaching, the concept of voiceover pros imparting knowledge and energy to other voiceover pros in a decidedly unstructured, yet remarkably organized way was born in the fertile, funny and creative mind of Amy Snively.

I’m a Founding Faffer and after the first remarkable event in Portland OR, have been involved in the planning, organizing, assisting and even sponsoring all the FaffCons that have followed.

Why? Because it works. Despite not having any featured speakers or a set schedule of sessions planned in advance – somehow we come up with so many interesting, informative and entertaining sessions on Business, Technology and Performance led by working pros that it is difficult to figure out where you need or want to be.

Each time FaffCon rolls around, about half of the people who attend are new for the first time. But since this was the 8th time, even the new Faffers knew what was going to happen and they came ready to ask questions or lead a session.

It was truly quite amazing – once again. And with only two more to go – and registration limited to about 120 – it will be hard for us Faffaholics to even get into FaffCon 9.