Facebook screen shotManaging our time online is taking more and more time. Facebook especially. I know I am missing some posts – and getting posts that I would rather not see.┬áCombine that with all of the designed to grab you Suggested Posts, and I am overwhelmed.

No one really knows the answers, but there are a few “experts” who may be able to help. One of them was just “introduced” to me through a post thread by my friend J.S. Gilbert. His name is Robert Scoble and is touted as a Tech Evangelist. He has a regular blog (not a “regular” blog, but a social media blog to which he posts regularly) called Scobleizer – so if you are not on Facebook, Twitter or Google+, then you are out of luck. (This position raises another issue that I need to contemplate – moving a blog off the blog platform and onto social media only. Hmmm – something else to think about!)

Anyway, his latest post was picked up by AdWeek and includes 22 Tips for Better Facebook Engagement.

I’m trying the Unfollow and Hide options right now.

Now, it will take some time to go over these suggestions. Time to implement the ones I want to try, But perhaps it will ultimately lead to more time and a cleaner, more relevant Facebook feed.