OK, so my last post was about how busy people can usually find time to do something else. But at some point, things have to take a back seat. And the past few weeks, the blog took the hit.

And not because I was so busy I couldn’t actually find the time to sit here and bash out a couple hundred words. No, it all comes down to balance.

At what point in our lives do we realize that it is not all about work? Some people learn this fairly early in life. In my case, I am starting to feel like I missed so many opportunities. My life has been consumed with keeping busy doing things that in some way improved my career.

Personal relationships suffered from neglect. My plants certainly suffered. The house was alternately clean – or not – depending on if there was extra in the budget to bring in the housekeeper – or if I ended up on a mad tear to do it myself.

Most people have hobbies. Or toys. A kayak, for example. After a trip to Alaska where I had the chance to kayak in Sitka Bay, I have wanted a kayak. That was in 2001. I don’t have that kayak yet. I probably won’t get a kayak, but I should at least get in a kayak again and paddle around to see if that should still be on my list. Just saw a Groupon for more than half off on a kayak trip. I should probably buy that.

Unplugging from the computer more often is probably one way to find a balance. But when your living depends on connecting with people who communicate electronically, it is difficult to do that too long or too often.

My droid (and BlackBerry before that) lets me stay connected and gives me the “idea” that I am getting away, but I’m not really. And in my role of mom to my mom, I need to check voice mail whenever my phone chirps – just to make sure there isn’t an emergency.

So, the blog took a back seat and may continue to do so unless I figure out a cool way to keep up with content like my friend Peter O’Connell.