A lot of my clients are snowed in. I can’t imagine how difficult it is to get around in all that snow and ice and just plain cold. It’s been a long time since I had to scrape a windshield. And this week I have had a number of sessions, calls or emails where the subject centered on them wishing they were able to transport themselves to sunny San Diego.

Please know that, while there is not 12 inches of snow on the ground – I did have ice this morning in a shaded area of my backyard – and I am presently sitting in my studio with a turtle neck sweater, a sweatshirt, scarf and gloves. It is pretty chilly here too!

In fact, the temps here in San Diego have been much cooler than normal over the past year or so and I have been thinking¬†about moving somewhere closer to the equator – so that I can actually get in the water for some body surfing. I could work anywhere with a good Internet connection – couldn’t I? Ah – Italy!

OK Рfantasy time over, I have to get back to work Рthere are voiceovers to do and maybe if I stand up in my padded room, the circulation will come back to my fingers.