You just never know whose eyes will fall upon what is freely posted to the online world. A random search of some odd word combination could pull up my blog and either enhance or destroy my image as a professional.

But sometimes you have to push the envelope. With my sense of decorum that sometimes borders on Pollyanna cast aside momentarily, I have to pass along this very clever, yet somewhat “blue” chart created by Jessica Hische.

She¬†steps you through the Yes and No questions you should ask yourself when deciding whether or not to work for FREE. And don’t we all need to be reminded that our time is valuable!

There is also a “clean” version –

You start right in the middle with your four basic scenarios of who is doing the asking – a business, a charity or non-profit, your mom or your friend. Then branch out from there until you end up with a YES or a NO.

It’s not that we don’t already know this stuff, it’s just that we forget the logic when someone¬†asks us to work for free. I do anyway. Here’s a taste…

Work for Free Chart

And thanks to my friend Zak Miller for finding this.