Back in September I left nearly all my business cards at FaffCon and suddenly realized that I would need some for the VO gathering in New York in December, so it was time to re-order.

When I looked at my standard order, I thought about the back – which has been blank.  One thing I have noticed over the years is that I like to jot down notes on the back of cards, but I don’t normally fill up the whole back of the card, so I decided to pay a little extra and add a short line or two of text at the top of the back of my card – with just a bit of smile to it – and plenty of room to make a few notes. I also went with color on the back that is a screened version of the logo on the front.

Do you do this? There were lots of options for the back – calendars, tip charts, appointments, but nothing really specific to VO.

So, is this just more money for little or no effect? I posted this question on Facebook and have had quite a response – mostly pro to something on the back. A very few said they never look at the back.

They should be here in a few days and we’ll see if it gets any response.

Business Card Front

Business Card Back