Got this in an email a couple months ago from Edge Studios and found it again going through my InBox. Some great advice here for the beginner and a reminder for the pros…


Shut up!  And 7 other things to do AFTER reading your script!
It’s not just getting the gig that’s important.
It’s making sure the client hires you again.
So we’re sharing 7 things many voice talent forget to do after reading their copy!
1. Shut up when done reading your copy.  Don’t tell your client how you did – you’re liable to contradict their opinion and/or create more work for everyone by opening up a can of worms.  Instead listen to their direction.  Read again when prompted.

2. Conversely, when the job is done, talk.  Thank them.  Request a copy of the finished product.  Request a testimonial.

3. Later that day, send an email.  Say it was nice to work with them.  Compliment them (e.g.: You give great direction.)  Let them know you’re available to re-record any lines if necessary.

4. A day later, send an invoice.  (Don’t expect them to pay otherwise.)  At this time, ask for a referral.

5. A month later, follow up with a compliment.  E.g.: “I noticed your website was re-designed – it looks great!”  The idea is to stay “top of mind.”

6. If you were able to learn their birthday, send a card on it. 

7. Every few months, send a reminder card that you worked with them.  Ask what scripts they have that would be appropriate for your voice.

8. Follow up with a new demo annually.
You see, it doesn’t take much to be professional and stay “top of mind” with clients.  Here’s to many repeat customers!


I’ll be reviewing that list – I think I have learned the Invoicing lesson a number of times!