It has been an interesting year – trying to find the right mix of media to keep in contact with my clients and potential clients. Depending on who you talk to, the mix of media can be one or more of the above, in any order and in every possible percentage. What works for you?

I’m finding that my Blackberry lets me get out of the studio, but getting out of the studio means less time to work my network of contacts. And being an early adopter of nearly everything technological (I had a Kaypro), I have had to try out social media as a way to connect.

Can’t say that it is really working for me yet – although I did manage to land a nice project through a Facebook happy coincidence. I joined an e-Learning group the same day someone else did who happened to be looking for female voice talent. Hey, it happens.

However, I have spent several hours trying to search Twitter to find some way to leverage that site. I am not seeing it yet. Maybe one of my LinkedIn groups will get a post for a free teleconference specifically on the subject of Twitter. Instead of clicking past it, I would be inclined to check it out. I just don’t like not being in the loop I guess.