I decided to beat the price hike and install Source Connect today. This meant a trip to Guitar Center out in La Mesa to buy an iLok dongle to start the process. That in itself was a trip. I usually buy all my audio gear and supplies at Pro Sound and Music, just down the hill from where I live. It is a well lived-in store run by an insanely intelligent guy named Mike Krewitsky. Shane helps me find what I need. It is laid back and quiet.

Guitar Center is not. But they knew what I wanted and pointed me toward the Pro Audio part of the store. After the clerk pulled an iLok off the wall, I asked about a replacement cable for my dbx mini-pre and was immediately told that the mini-plug to the mic input was so 2009 and tried to upsell me to an M-box. My system works fine, so I resisted his wiles.

The iLok though didn’t work fine. I now have to wait for someone from iLok to get back to me and figure out why it thinks someone else owns it before I can finish downloading the Source Connect Trial License to the little dongle.

So, instead of fussing about with Source Connect, I was able to meet an old college chum who was in town for the golf tourney for an hour or so.