While this is simplified, there are two lists here of things the budding voiceover talent of today might need to make it.

The first is a list of the basic physical hardware and software assets needed to succeed in the business today. The second is more intangible, but even more important if you want to actually work and make a living doing voiceovers.

The Tangible (Physical) Assets

  • Computer for recording
  • Large hard drive (as many Gigs as you can afford)
  • Computer speed (as fast as you can afford)
  • Good sound card (most computers these days come with decent sound card that will work for basic voiceover)
  • Lots of memory (as much as you can afford)
  • DVD/CD drive AND a CD-R/RW Sound
  • Recording Software (Sound Forge, GoldWave, Adobe Audition, ProTools)
  • High-speed Internet Access (cable or DSL)
  • Web Presence – your own web site or your demos posted on a web site
  • Microphone – decent mike – $300 or more that works with your voice
  • Headsets – something comfortable that won’t squeeze your head or bleed onto your recording 
  • Sound Proof or at least Acoustically Treated area for recording
  • Separate computer (preferable) for record keeping and marketing
  • Software for Business (one or more of the following types. Look for new programs that will multiple tasks)
    • Accounting software (Quicken, QuickBooks, etc.)
    • Database software (Filemaker, etc.)
    • Contact Management software (Outlook Business Contacts, ACT, etc.)
  • Cell phone
  • Voice Mail
  • Toll Free number is optional, but good to show that you are in business
  • Fax capability (paper or computer delivery)

The Intangible Assets

  • Acting ability
  • Sight reading ability
  • Self-directing ability
  • Ability to be directed by others
  • Marketing ability
  • Business savvy and expertise
  • Technical savvy and expertise
  • Desire
  • Follow through

Anything you would like to add to this list? Is there something I’ve left out?