This is the first time I have every really LOST my cell phone. My lovely Samsung Galaxy SIII. With its cool new protective cover. Lost. Misplaced. Dare I suggest picked up with no intent of returning it to the carrier. The innocent Pollyanna in me simply cannot comprehend anyone actually finding a phone and not returning it. Someone purposely stealing the phone is easier for me to understand, but finding a phone and not turning it in…well, my brain doesn’t work that way.

I found my old Samsung – in a bag ready to be recycled – so I will charge that up until the replacement arrives – which should be tomorrow.

But the reality of not being connected hit hard.

Wait, did I say that I wasn’t connected? What am I talking about! OK, for the short term, until I get to the Verizon store and get the old phone turned on, I can’t get calls from people who only know my cell. The bigger issue is that I can’t get texts. I have one agent who texts. But they also email and call my studio line, so I think I won’t miss anything important in the 24 to 36 hours I could be without text. My landscaper may have tried to text me.

But not connected? Hardly. I have a land line, 2 computers and a tablet. I have Facebook and LinkedIn, Skype and email.

But the realization that I could NOT FIND MY PHONE was truly a stomach churning experience. I walked around the house with a cordless phone – dialing and redialing my cell. I did the same in my studio. The same in my car. Nothing. Not a peep. And I am 99.9% sure that the ringer was on.

The not knowing what happened. The not being in total control. These are the things that made me have that extra glass of wine and caused me to sleep in an extra half hour and be late for my morning coffee.

The insurance claim has been filed and a new Samsung is on its way.

Amazingly, even though I toted by tablet down to coffee so that I wouldn’t “miss” something from a client, I am actually pretty calm about all of this. Until I get the new phone, people will hear the “disconnected” message and figure out another way to reach me. Don’t know what they get when they text, but some sort of message I’m sure.

So, in retrospect, other than some money left on the table – despite insurance ($99 more to apply toward frequent flyer miles – and another protective cover to buy), I’m sort of OK.

Once the new phone gets here, there will some time spent as I re-download apps and re-import my gazillion contacts. As well as the yet to be determined mourning period over the loss of all my wonderful pictures (many of which are on Facebook, so they really aren’t all that lost).

Next time (ack! Did I say that!?) this happens, I won’t be such a whiner about it (sorry Facebook friends). And one of the apps that will be going on is a “find my phone” app.

But to say that I am not connected, well, that is an exaggeration.

…oh, but don’t text me for a couple of hours…

(EDIT…phone turned up in the store where I thought it might be. New phone can be returned. Deductible can be refunded. And the “find my phone” app will be installed.)