My love affair with Social Media seems to be waning. I don’t find myself hanging out on Facebook as much as I used to. And I only am on LinkedIn when something really interesting pops up in my daily digests. Or when I need to moderate something on the group I manage.

And while I want to get over to the VO-BB on a more regular basis, sometimes several days pass and I realize that I have not been over there to check on the latest person to get llama duty. Not much action on the Yahoo Voiceover Email list either these days, so maybe it isn’t just me.

(Ironically, I have bumped up my Tweets a bit. That seems to be easy to do these days when every article you read has a Retweet button handy.)

Perhaps the rest of my life is vying for my attention. The class I teach during the Spring and Fall semester is over for the summer, so you would think I would have more time. But business is going really well, which means more time in the studio and more time in bookkeeping. And then, it is getting pretty nice around here and it is easy to wander out into it, with only my smart phone alerting me to the action over on Facebook.

Maybe it is just that I’m getting older and don’t want to miss anything and something in the back of my head says get out and live!

What I don’t want to have happen is to lose momentum. Just how much visibility is enough so that people remember who you are and your “brilliant” contributions to the conversation? And what am I attempting to accomplish with this visibility?

Is it more business, or strengthening my personal relationships? Probably a little of both, but lately I have leaned more toward the personal relationships – with my family, with my friends (both local and remote), and yes, with business contacts.

Social Media has actually helped these relationships. I have known many of the people I do business with for years and years and Facebook lets us peek into each other’s real world. I love seeing their children grow up! The cool vacations they take. I hurt along with them when tragedy hits. The result is a deeper connection with all of these people.

So, maybe it isn’t that the blush is off the rose, so much as the honeymoon is over. Now we are settling in for the long strong commitment.