Yes, that is the question. What am I doing at the computer on a Sunday night at around 7:30 in the evening? Well, the answer is that one of my compadres in MCA-I is in New Zealand and he is up and working already and we have a small project to tweak on the MCA-I website. Plus, I am waiting for my nephew from Germany to arrive from Vegas after a cross country trip that started in Connecticut. He and his friends got a late start and probably won’t roll in to SD until late, so I need to find things to do that keep me close to home.

Sunday night is also a good night in general to get prepped for a busy week. Of course, that would assume that one hasn’t spent much time in front of the monitor during the rest of the weekend. Ha! I think I need more toys. A kayak? Not a motorcycle, that would scare me to death. I have an old beach cruiser that I rode around on Saturday morning checking out garage sales – and found a brand new air matress for the kids while they are here. OK, they are really not kids, but they are still under 25, so when you divide by two and carry the three, that makes them kids in my eyes.

And I found time to trim back most of the fig tree – discovering in the process that I must be allergic to the darn thing. Plus a trip to Home Depot (really what is a weekend without a trip to Home Depot?). So the weekend wasn’t all in front of the computer.

But I did squeeze in a couple of auditions, caught up a bit on some Social Media and post-FaffCon activities and spent some time working on my new ACT! software. In fact, I think that I’ll have a little bit more time with ACT! before my house guests arrive.