I teach a voice acting class at San Diego City College – just the one class, but carving out the 5 hours per week to get there gets difficult at times – especially since it usually meets mid-morning to around noon. This semester though, for the first time, it is being offered in the evenings from 6PM to 8:30PM. This pleased my local agent who has had to work around my “teaching” time since 1999.

The first day of classes was last night and the first thing I noticed is that it is a heck of a lot easier to park! And it is another huge class – with the budget cuts reducing the total number of classes offered and more people wanting to take classes, most classes are full with wait lists. I think I managed to accomodate everyone, but will be crossing my fingers for some drops in the next few weeks.

There are several reasons I continue to work this class into my schedule. Of course I get paid to teach, but there are two reasons that are actually more important.

I get to entertain a live audience. When you spend so much time working by yourself in a small padded room, it is fun to be in a room full to people hanging on your every word. But, probably the most important reason (a reason that I wasn’t really aware of until a couple of semesters into the job), is that I learn from my students and my acting skills grow with each class I teach.

So, let the learning commence!