I didn’t have any paying gigs today. I did get a couple of bookings for next week. I deleted a bunch of auditions from Voice123 and Voices.com that just weren’t right for me. I spent some time at my mom’s trouble shooting an Internet purchase and doing some gardening. But that left lots of time for webinars!

The morning webinar was being put on by Peachtree – somewhat “selly,” but I think I got some¬†inspiration and motivation for ways to maximize the effectiveness of social media/networking for professional associations. In this case MCA-I – Media Communications Association-International.

We have a LinkedIn page, several pages on Facebook (the international office and a couple of chapter pages), Plaxo, a Twitter account and we also had something on MediaPost, but that venue is under review at the moment I guess.

The afternoon’s webinar was a two-hour board of directors meeting for MCA-I. While I am not on the board right now, I am the webmaster and do most of the communications, so my presence is required for most meetings. We are using GoToMeeting/Webinar now and it is working out pretty well after a few rocky attempts.

In between webinars, the emails were flying. The finishing touches are being applied to the annual MCA-I Media Festival Рwhich is moving online this year. A few minor updates are still to be made, but if you want to start figuring out what to enter this year Рthe 41st Annual Media Festival bestowing the coveted Golden Reel, then pop over and take a look at the Categories.