My goodness. I pinged Facebook, LinkedIn, Plaxo and MySpace about my new website and blog yesterday and in less than 18 minutes I had a dozen hits to the new blog. From zero to 30 in one day.

OK, that may not seem like all that many hits, but the immediacy of the response is what is amazing. Many many many of us are addicted to technology.

I read an article yesterday (I must remember to copy and paste the links for blog use!) about email – and making the leap – social media addiction. Ever since getting a BlackBerry, I find that I spend a little less time in my office in front of the main computer tower, but I have that phone with me everywhere. I have seen the signs of email addiction for quite a while now.

  • I respond instantly to email
  • I check every few minutes to see if new mail has arrived – even to the point of clicking twice in a few seconds if no mail comes in (there MUST be something WRONG!)
  • If there isn’t a lot of email overnight, then I start to worry

Unless it is charging overnight, it is next to my bed and if I wake up with a hot flash and the little red light is flashing (and when is it not?), I’ll do a quick check.

Wake up in the morning and check email and Facebook while making coffee – or while walking to coffee. I’ve gotten pretty good at navigating the sidewalk without looking at it.

I take it with me to the potty…taking great care to keep it far away from water sources. A few weeks ago, I watered my BlackBerry by not waiting long enough for the water in my Brita to filter down into the reservoir – it just dumped out the top all over the phone. Watering is not helpful to electronic items.

Eventually I do get out to the backyard to my office and even when I am online and can actively check email using Outlook, if I see that little red light start to flash, I will pick up the phone to see what it is.

In the evenings, I will fire up the laptop and multi-task while watching House or NCIS or Law and Order. That’s when I usually catch up on Facebook or the VO-BB.

The concept of the cloud and being able to update my blogs and the MCA-I website from anywhere – on pretty much any device – thrills the cockles of my little heart. I love technology. Excuse me now – must go – I haven’t check my email since starting this post.