Don’t leave the room…or you’ll miss it

What is it about hearing myself on the radio or TV that makes me want to smile? You would think after 30 years of doing VO work, that seeing or hearing a spot I did wouldn’t be any big deal. Is it ego? Is it amazement that I get paid to do this? Is it a desire to self-critique? I’m not sure. Could be a combination of all of those things. But, when I hear myself, I always take notice. I imagine the advertiser is hoping that other people do the same!

Funny thing happened yesterday. You remember the Kaopectate commercial I did recently – the one where I had two words – “uh-oh” and “fast?” Well, I heard the first “uh-oh” from the TV – but I was – uh – indisposed at the time and simply couldn’t get back to the living room in time to catch the rest of the spot. It […]