JustDriveRemember when I told you I started doing some corporate scriptwriting again? My background is in corporate scriptwriting and producing (many years of it) along with on and off-camera spokesperson and announcer. Back around the turn of the century, I started to focus just on the voiceover side of things.

Well, voiceover work for someone who knew me in the “old” days led to the opportunity to do some writing for UCSD TREDS program. And that led to a request to produce a project to help curb talking or texting while driving.

So, ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce the first production in a long long time! Just Drive – Take Action Against Distraction.

Had a great production team spearheaded by the insanely talented Michael Brueggemeyer. Talent featured 3¬†former students (2 on-camera and the VO), a couple of actor friends and 3 others from Artist Management Agency. We shot 5 separate locations in one day, with only one potential disaster near the end of the day when my contact at the last location wasn’t there and no one knew we were supposed to be there. (It worked out, but it made me remember why I stopped producing!)

As 2017 commences, there are more scripts coming – with other clients who hired me for VO work asking if I am available to write. This is a good combination – the voice work and the writing. Gets those creative juices flowing.