Time for a Studio Tune Up

I upgraded to Adobe Audition 3 recently on my recording tower and started to notice a difference in my noise floor. A visual difference apparently – certainly nothing that my ears picked up, but a distinct difference in the way the single pixel line that denotes silence looked. It didn’t “look” quiet anymore.

My mics were changed out a little while before the software change – picked up a couple of ADK Hamburgs (after my AKG capsule blew and the new capsule sounded too bright). I also had my recording area acoustically “re-treated” after experimenting with locations. I also had the whole area upholstered.

I have never had any complaints or even a conversation about the “sound” of my space, but it just “looked” noisey.

Other factors that contributed to my ultimate seeking of expert advice…

  • An aging analog Mackie Mixer
  • A Gentner phone patch that was sort of patched through the Mackie and worked well enough, but not the […]
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The Mail You Don’t Ever Want To See

I don’t get a lot of first class mail these days in my home mailbox – mostly store flyers and bulk mail solicitations stuffed with calendars, greeting cards and address labels. Or the occasional birthday or Christmas card.

My business address is used to collect checks, so I don’t usually see money in my home mailbox. No, when I see a regular number 10 envelope arrive, it is usually somebody wanting money – like the IRS.

I got one of THOSE letters on Friday and am on hold right now to try to clear it up. I’ll probably have to drop off before someone answers and will try again later.

The last time this happened, the IRS had mistakenly added a zero when entering the information from one of my 1099’s – instead of noting that I had earned $5,600 from one client that year, it ended up as $56,000.

After a flurry of phone […]

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Tonight! Another Part of Our Job – The Legal Side

Edge Studio has free teleconferences for the voiceover community. Some are pretty basic and I don’t pass along the information to all of them on this blog, but the one tonight looks like it would be helpful to the working pro.

VO talent and lawyer Rob Sciglimpaglia (and after many years of seeing and saying his name, I can now pronounce it without batting an eye) will be on the line to help us understand how not to get in a legal bind and not get taken. He will cover the basics of voiceover contracts, NDAs, Work for Hire agreements and more.

When: Tonight, Tuesday April 19, 2011
Time: 9pm – 10pm ET
Dial information:

  1. Dial 1-641-594-7078
  2. You’ll ANONYMOUSLY be connected with other callers 
  3. ONLY the first 100 callers get through, so dial in early!

Click to hear a REPLAY (posted Thursday) and other ARCHIVED “Talk With A Pro” tele-panels

Click for the upcoming schedule