FaffCon FaffCon – Here We Come

The reality of gathering together with many of my real and virtual voiceover peeps this weekend for FaffCon in Portland OR is getting closer and closer. My suitcase is being packed in the back of my mind. My laptop has been prepped for a presentation if called upon and for an audition or two if they happen to fall into my lap.

We have an endless supply of great topics to put on the board to see which floats to the top for discussion. I still need to make note of some website resources for a couple of topics that may end up being tackled. But first I have to button up the home front. Make sure cats and parent are fed and watered.

The trip is more meaningful to me since hearing the news this morning about the passing of one of the VO-BB regulars – 

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A Pat on the Back

We “voiceoverists” (a term coined by self-proclaimed and deservedly so Top Voiceoverist Philip Banks) are celebrating our wonderfulness this month! Out of the blue it is National Voice Over Appreciation Month – or simply National Voice Over Month. It should probably be International Voiceover Month, but the domain says National, so I guess we’ll just have to assume that this means any voiceover folk in ANY Nation!


Peter O’Connell was one of a small cadre of voice talent who brainstormed this idea. Peter says, “For the thousands of professional male and female voice over talents, the joy of participating in this industry is recognition enough. But National Voice Over Month allows everyone the chance to understand and appreciate these special artists.”

Dave Courvoisier, Advisory Board member of the non-profit Society of Accredited Voice Over Artists (SaVoa), says “Calling for a month-long […]

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I’ve Got a Shotgun and I’m Not Afraid to Use It

A shotgun mic that is…

That is just one of the plethora of sayings you could have on your very own T-Shirt, sweatshirt, mug or water bottle. How do you get one? From the FaffCon website.

FaffCon is really shaping up. The Door Prize list is incredible. If you don’t know about this UnConference for Working Voiceover Pros, you need to check out this link. I’ve booked my flight and will be there to faff about with lots of other VO folk – exchanging creative, business and technical ideas…along with getting that much needed jolt of energy that comes from face-to-face interaction.

But, back to the logo gear. There is a new page to the site though that I thought I would let you know about – great Voiceover related T-Shirts and other clothing, bags, etc. Seriously fun stuff here!


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FaffCon? What the heck is FaffCon?

So what the heck is FaffCon – that isn’t a real word. No. But it has deep significance for us voiceoverists. (At least those of us who hang out on the VO-BB.)

It comes from the word faff  “which means to blow in gusts…..so to go nowhere in particular….to mess about. ” This is from a UK Yahoo Answers page.To some “faffing about” means – “To muck about, wasting time doing something not necessary.”
But this coming September it means a lot more than that. If you’re a working voice over professional, you’re invited to the first ever voiceover unconference in Portland Oregan (USA)! FaffCon!
Far from being just something the waste a bunch of time and money, FaffCon promises to be (according to Faffy*) …
You know all the […]

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Taking most of the month of June off!!!

Oh my! I will be leaving my laptop studio at home the last two weeks in June and heading off to Germany, Italy and Switzerland. I will have an international BlackBerry with me to check email, Facebook and Twitter, but no recording stuff.

The last time this happened was in August a few years ago when the wireless card on my old notebook died the first day of a two-week trip to central Mexico. I went to Internet cafe’s every couple of days to clear out email, but other than that – cold turkey. And I survived.

With the BlackBerry, I will actually be more connected and will try hard not to worry about missed auditions or – yikes – missed work!

Wednesday afternoon, after an ISDN session in the morning, I will motor up the freeway to LA for VOICE 2010. I will pack my studio, but am also happy to know that […]

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Life Happens

Got a message from a voiceover friend on the other side of the country that another voiceover friend had fallen and broken her leg – a rather severe break as I understand it. This is one of the most giving people I have ever met and perhaps life wants her to be taken care of for a while.

She is part of a very special group of voiceover artists who had the extreme pleasure of getting to know each other – first virtually through the VO-BB.com and then face-to-face at VOICE 2007 – and have continued to stay connected and involved in each other’s lives.

We are all waiting for the flashing light on our Blackberrys to tell us that she is doing well and didn’t have to be intubated for the surgery.

VOICE2010 is coming up the first week in June and many of us will be able to reconnect in person […]

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VO Booth on Wheels

My virtual good friend Philip Banks posted a video recently of his VO Booth on Wheels (he calls it the Voice and Go), but I think the technology in this article from Studio Daily tops it.

Perhaps a bit more pricey, but seems to be working for those busy celebrities who need to do some VO work in between takes on the set of their latest series. Complete with ISDN, this mobile recording studio helps prevent those pesky and expensive “no show” sessions.

It’s called Voice Over There.

Here is the article about it – http://www.studiodaily.com/blog/?p=3148

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voiceacting.com will be back up shortly

Jim and Penny just sent out a notice explaining that the VoiceActing.com is temporarily down because they’re moving to new servers. They should be back to normal by the end of this week. The move has affected their member area, their blog, and some links on various pages.

This has also affected the VOICE 2010 site.

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