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Staged reading of “Silkworms”

I started writing as self-imposed therapy about 20 years ago and it blossomed into a stage play. I worked on it off and on over the years - mostly [...]

Delightful animation and narration!

Sometimes you just have to share wonderful things. Here is a little animation narrated by my friend Darren Altman. Enjoy! Blue Zoo's "Lynx & Birds" from Blue Zoo on Vimeo.

Video Marketing is Da Bomb…

Here's a stat for you - Including video in a landing page can increase conversion by 80%. This comes from EyeView - a video marketing technology company - and is just [...]

Are You Hitting the Mark?

No matter what we do in life we need to know if what we are doing is hitting the mark. This takes the ability to know what DOES hit the [...]

Do You Choose Life or Beauty?

The silkworm makes an interesting allegory about choice. In order to get the beautiful silk from the cocoons, you have to kill the silkworm pupae before it transitions into - what [...]

VO Leads to Writing Leads to Production

Remember when I told you I started doing some corporate scriptwriting again? My background is in corporate scriptwriting and producing (many years of it) along with on and off-camera spokesperson [...]

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